November Legend 2018

November 2018 Vol. 19 No. 11

Chairman’s Report: All isWell that EndsWell

around me who supported our decision. I’m so grateful to Marlen Weeks, who owns that event and is incomparable in what she does. And to the Gala Committee for their inspired and talented contributions. Under the able committee leadership of our next Chairman, Mark Charles, we started a number of community beautification projects that are now coming to fruition. Included in that list is our “Little Sign that Could” which sits on the median at the entrance of our community. In my mind a small sign, but a huge monument to what can be accomplished when there is a will and where there is passion. The “let’s get this done!” spirit. Those of you responsible for getting that project completed under budget and under time —you know who you are— will also always have my gratitude. Together we have approved the start of our Board’s Governance4Good training, and that will have a tremendous positive impact on this upcoming Board and the many to come in the future. We are financially and fiscally sound. Our strategic and tactical planning is firmly based on a solid network of benchmarks and thresholds. Many of which have been either met or well on the way to being met. Our reserves have been replenished as compared to previous years. Is there room for growth? Certainly, but we are on the right path under any measure or economic formula you wish to apply. My many thanks to our Treasurer and dear personal friend, Dennis Caltagirone, for his steady learned counsel. He is a person with an incalculable wealth of experience and knowledge who is always offering a kind word and a pleasant smile

Regarding our membership, yes, we have grown and done so under difficult economic conditions. Are we happy with our significant growth number, heck no! We want more, we want 1,000 members in two years’ time. We currently have a little over 500 members and growing. Think for a moment what all this means to you in terms of the value proposition of your current membership. Speaking of membership, my thanks to Lisa Feliciano and her glorious Membership Committee. What great fun and what a bunch of incredibly talented individuals. If you want an audience for your goods and/ or services, you now have a ready captive audience of over 500 businesses waiting to hear what you have to say when you become a member. Think what that will mean to you when that audience reaches and exceeds a thousand. The Chamber is, and ought to be, the preeminent networking medium and the voice of small business in an unincorporated area such as Key Largo. As my tenure winds down and quickly comes to a close, I want to let you all know that it has been quite a ride and worth every moment of the experience, both the mostly good and the very small bad. To all those who always encouraged me and supported me, I thank you kindly; to those that did not, I thank you as well. If I have failed to mention anybody that I should have, my apologies and blame my advancing age. Dear members we are in the middle of a membership drive “In it to Win It!” Ask your friends and neighbors who own a business to join the Chamber. A Chamber plaque in every Key Largo office —That is what I wish to see.

Photo by Luis Melendi, Melendi Photography.

My chairmanship is coming to a close, and with it my desire for introspection. As I look back over a year’s worth of governance, I realize that we have accomplished quite a lot and should be very proud of the accomplishments. At the start of my chairmanship, I chose, and was supported unanimously by my board and executive president, to give back to our community from the funds generated by our Chairman’s Gala Event. Remember how much fun that was? And many of our hurricane suffering small businesses benefited from our joint decision. The Chamber was selfless and gave back at a time when it was difficult to give, and in spite of the advice of some for more financial restraint. But we gave and never looked back. How proud I am of all those Roberto Alonso Chairman of the Board Key Largo Chamber of Commerce


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