Key Largo Chamber Legend

April 2019 Vol. 20 No. 4

No Second Chances for First Impressions The Key Largo Chamber building at the entrance of our island has changed, and for the better. The flag poles, monument stones benefit all our general membership and the community at large, fall on the shoulders of just one man? Of course the answer is a resounding, NO! It is the responsibility of all of us preamble or an extension of your business card… well you are very smart, I know, you get it. No second chances for first impressions, remember? We are very soon going to call on you By Roberto Alonso

and a little landscaping, have gone a long way in tripling veterans traffic and almost doubling general traffic to the center, but much still remains to be done. Up to this point, almost all the credit for these improvements goes to one man, Robert Stuart, whose generosity to the Chamber knows no bounds. He is truly our Chamber Super Hero. Our charge at the Chamber is to facilitate and abet a vibrant environment to support a growing and dynamic business community. Improving our center is a step in the right direction. Should the burden of all the improvements that remain, things that

to help us with this beautification project, we need your talent, time and treasure. Whatever you can help with, will be welcomed and appreciated. Every effort you make, any amount of time or money you spend with us in this mission, comes back to you and your loved ones in many ways, some even unforeseen. Together let us make the Key Largo Chamber building, this first stop on the entrance to our community, a point of community pride we can all enjoy for many years to come. Let’s get it done!

together; Chamber Board, Executive, Chamber membership, and soon to be Chamber members. To make our building more beautiful, to have a rest area with a butterfly garden, and verdant, lush native greenery and landscaping surrounding the building, is a telling welcome to our little paradise. What a refreshing sight and experience in the first stop along a journey of adventure as you travel through our chain of islands, or stay in our Key Largo. A great first impression indeed! If you think of the Chamber building as a

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