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July 2018 Vol. 19 No. 7

Chairman’s Report: The Chairman and The Iguana

actor Richard Burton and his dual affair, one desperate and carnal the other pathetic, platonic and spiritual. One affair a boiling cauldron of rising passion with the magnificently talented and astonishingly beautiful Eva Gardner. The other doomed from the start and ending with barely a wistful whimper with the incomparable Deborah Kerr. The actor portraying a defrocked pastor had a last chance to make amends, but was very much at the end of his rope, just like the tied beast, and thus the story unfolds. I was thinking about this film last Saturday, and events of the first half of my chairmanship, under a shade tree at John Pennekamp Park while waiting for Chamber President Elizabeth and some of her staff. We had a couple of Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies to attend, first at the state park followed by an event at the Coral Restoration Foundation. The events went very well. It was very hot and humid at both, but hey, that is a small price to pay for being able to live the dream. I reminded a fellow visitor of this while she remarked about the heat. She then replied, “thank you for reminding me, but still it is very hot. Don’t you agree?” I admitted that yes it was. Both of these institutions, the

iconic Pennekamp Park and the incredibly brilliant Coral Restoration Foundation, are must sees when visiting our community and points of pride for us who are blessed to live here. While waiting for my friends, trying to stay covered under the shade tree, I noticed a very young iguana in the upper branches looking down at me munching on some leaves. I cannot exactly remember if I thought about the film before or after I saw the animal, who I named “Boy” short for Boise. But I digress. Organizations do well to heed the warning that if you frustrate well-intentioned people that only look to selflessly do good and have the resources to do it in terms of their time, treasure and talent, there will be a high price to pay when these folks will conclude that all their efforts are not worth their time. Attributing negatives and hidden agendas to those we disagree with, and to those that do not share in our vision, is off the rails and has no place in a well-governed institution. My first goal when I took over as Chairman of the Key Largo Chamber Board was to establish an educational program to train our board. That still remains my number one goal. Continued on page 3...

Photo by Luis Melendi, Melendi Photography.

Roberto Alonso Chairman of the Board Key Largo Chamber of Commerce

First let me say, I bear no ill will towards iguanas, but I understand why many of my friends do. It is also true that I do not have flower beds in my landscape and my big Golden Retriever, Savannah, is more than a formidable deterrent for any errant reptiles in my neighborhood. With all this said, I do have to admit to a romantic streak when it comes to this cold blooded marauder. Think of the movie or Google it “Night of the Iguana” with legendary

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