February 2019

Flag Pole Dedication... Home of the Free because of the Brave

By Roberto Alonso There are special occasions in our lives, where we are reminded that the price of freedom is neither free nor without much sacrifice and pain and that it is not guaranteed. It needs to be renewed in every generation, and in some historical instances, several times within a generation. The price to be paid is settled with the blood, tears, and sweat of the best of our young and the not so young, brave men and women from all walks of life, race, creed, and literacy. These brave Americans carry the cross for us and bear the brunt of battle against tyranny and the threats of evil and evildoers, both at home and abroad and many make the ultimate sacrifice while serving to keep us free and safe. Such a special occasion was celebrated on Friday, January 18, with the Flag Pole dedication at the Chamber building. This was made possible by the incredible generosity of that special friend of the Key Largo Chamber, Bob Stuart. Memorable in concept and execution, the event met all expectations and was moving in its simplicity, depth of feeling and sincerity. The central theme of honoring our Armed Forces and First responders, sheds well-deserved recognition to the fact that it is to these individuals that all glory belongs. It is they who keep the light burning bright in the darkness. They keep and defend the promise of America to the world and represent the very essence of what we all together stand for as Americans. Freedom.

Purple Heart dedication.

Flag for the Fallen, Wounded Warrior and POW MIA dedication.

Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay.

Coast Guard Representatives.

State Representative Holly Raschein.

Monroe County Mayor Sylvia Murphy.

State Attorney Dennis Ward.

First Responders.

Air Force Representatives.

Photos by Video Dave Key


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