Destination Key Largo Guide

make sure to look at our members. Our event planners have coordinated weddings at most, if not all, our venues, and they are familiar with the local laws and traditions. If a planner isn’t in the budget, consider booking a wedding package with your chosen location. That way, the venue will handle the finer details. You can find places and planners in this guide. Also, on our website there are links to all the businesses. Check them out at It is important to come down to Key Largo to ensure that the venue meets your expectations. Take pictures and let them show you the outdoor and indoor backup space in case of rain. It can also help to ask the venue if any other events will be taking place during your special weekend. If another big event is scheduled, you might want to find another facility or move your date. Also, visiting early is a great time to meet with our local vendors. Before you meet with vendors in person, scope them out on our website. We have many great caterers, photog raphers, sound rental companies, and more. If you decide to hire vendors from out of the area, keep in mind that you’re responsible for paying their travel, food, and accommodations. It’s expensive to travel to a destination wedding, so not every guest you invite is going to be able to attend. Treat your family and friends who have to turn down their invites with understanding. Try and make all your purchases locally in Key Largo — shipping items can be a big hassle. You’ll want to research the logistics early on. We recommend not shipping items at all, pack and bring as much as you can on the airplane. If you are planning to ship other wedding supplies, make sure you have someone on the other side to receive it. Don’t just put the name of the hotel. Make sure to put the name of the onsite planner or pay the extra fees and bring the items down in suitcases to play it safe. Always show your gratitude to your guests. Offer a welcome bag filled with items specific to Key Largo, like ocean friendly sunscreen, flip flops, local chocolates, even a nice bottle of

champagne. A warm welcome gets everyone in the wedding spirit. For guests who may stay over a few extra days consider organizing some fun activities, such as an eco-tour, paddleboarding, kayaking, or even an after-wedding lunch. There are sacrifices that come with having a destination wedding, but what you will get in the end is a personal, distinctive destination event. One that people will be talking about for years to come.

Photos by Weddings Today featuring Nada Khalaf-Jones

Destination Key Largo


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