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Open 365 days a year! Park hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Marine Menagerie Amongst Mangroves Theater of the Sea:

Where can a family spend a full day interacting with dolphins, sea lions, sharks and rays, enjoy a few hours relaxing on the beach, and go on a bottomless boat ride? Theater of the Sea has been welcoming visitors to the Florida Keys since 1946. Besides being a fun place to take the family, it serves as a sanctuary to many aquatic residents such as four different varieties of endangered sea turtles. In addition, it is the home to several parrots who were turned over by private owners, and “Toby” a dolphin that was attacked by a shark. Although not a rescue animal, visitors will “ooh” and “aah” over an adorable new baby sea lion. Upon approaching the park, visitors will notice the beautiful fountains, giant conch shell, and award winning landscaping. After purchasing their tickets, visitors leave the chaos and havoc of their daily lives and step into a world filled with beautiful

green foliage, clearly paved paths, and an amazing menagerie of animals. It is certainly not part of the concrete jungle with wide open spaces. Like a good glass of wine, Theater of the Sea is not something to be rushed, but to be savored slowly over a period of time in small, enchanting sips. With intimate vignettes visitors meander along its lush paths and watch sea turtles being fed by hand, or stop to experience a thrilling dolphin show similar to those first seen in the 1940’s. As they stroll about, guests will see two distinct eco systems and also have opportunities to watch a sea lion show, parrot show, and observe crocodilians. Visitors will be delighted to know that this is not a zoo and can expect to get up close and personal with many of the animals. Children and adults of all ages will have ample opportu nities to interact with the animals while visiting Theater

of the Sea. Dolphin lovers, for example, will delight in the antics of these loving, social creatures while snorkeling beside them. Included in this experience are dorsal tows, hugs, and kisses. Those a little less daring can do a dolphin wade, which entails interacting with the dolphins while standing in three to four feet of water. Want to join the fun but don’t want to get wet? Even land lovers can interact with the dolphins and get a few kisses too!

After a stroll around the park, visitors can enjoy a quick bite to eat at Nicky’s Grill, and relax on the beach at the lagoon. As a timeless tradition of the Florida Keys, Theater of the Sea is something you will not want to miss. For more information or to make reservations, go to, or call 305-664-2431. Article credit Keys-Life magazine – Linda McKee

Many encounters are also available with sea lions.


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