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Here are tips on how you can help protect our valuable coral reefs: • Support organizations like Coral Restoration Foundation and REEF; they both work to protect coral reefs. In your area find other groups and volunteer to keep the oceans, rivers, lakes or other waters in your area clean. Clean water is important everywhere. All watersheds affect the oceans and eventually, the coral reefs. • Safeguard our coral during diving and snorkeling by wearing sunscreen that does not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate. These chemicals may harm the reefs. • Also, don’t touch, stand, or anchor your boat on the reef. • Organize a beach clean-up. • Conserve water – using less water, means less runoff and wastewater that resolve in polluting our oceans. • Use only environmental safe or organic fertilizers. All chemicals and pollutants eventually flow into our oceans. • Learn more about the vital importance of coral reefs. • Get your family, friends and community involved… How to Protect Our Coral Reefs

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Destination Key Largo


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