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305-453-5004 • • Key Largo MM 99.8 Southbound Lane at Traffic Light • Behind the Sandal Factory Outlet RECOMMENDED

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Destination Key Largo


As you approach the first of the Florida Keys, prepare for an incredible sight – Key Largo, the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay from the top of the Jewfish Creek Bridge, soaring 65 feet above the water. Welcome to the island of Key Largo, your first key in paradise where you can kick off your shoes and leave the cares of the world behind. The draw has always been the sea – its beauty and its bounty sounding the siren song. Clear waters beckon you to explore the only living coral reefs in the continental U.S. at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. In 2020 Pennekamp, the first underwater park in the United States, is celebrating their 60th anniversary. Be sure to check out their 30,000-gallon saltwater aquarium. Scuba diving and snorkeling the fragile reef reveals a Technicolor explosion of tropical fish and calming coral “gardens”. Visitors flock to the Christ of the Deep statue, which resides north of the 510-foot U.S.S. Spiegel Grove artificial reef. For fishermen, nothing beats the rewards of a day spent hooking snapper, grouper, and amberjack or landing tarpon or one of the area’s gray ghosts – the elusive bonefish, found on the shallow-water flats. Watersports abound for the adrenaline enthusiast and nature lover alike – rent a Jet Ski or a kayak and chart your own course. Or leave the “driving” to any of our qualified eco-tour operators, who can show you manatees, brilliant roseate spoonbills as they roost and soar overhead, pods of playful wild dolphins and more. For Land-based enchantment, nature trails at Pennekamp Park and Everglades National Park offer a glimpse into South Florida’s unique hammock and marshland ecosystems. When night comes, island living means dining on fresh-caught seafood at a waterfront restaurant and then relaxing to the sounds of waves lapping softly at the shore or enjoying live entertainment at area venues. But don’t worry about a dress code – Key Largo is laid back and casual, even at its most formal. However, if the urge to dress up overcomes you, go for it! Virtually anything goes here! From first-class resorts to luxurious oceanfront estates, to charming beach bungalows and small boutique hotels, you’ll find your own slice of paradise to call home. If island time fits the rhythm of your life, Key Largo is sure to please, whether you choose to fill your days with activities or relax in the glow of our spectacular sunsets.

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This is the official publication of the Legendary Key Largo Chamber of Commerce. For further information on lodging, attractions, and visitor activities in the Key Largo area, call 305-451-1414 or 1-800-822-1088. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. However, the Legend ary Key Largo Chamber of Commerce shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form whatsoever, including electronic and Internet applications, without written permission from the publisher. Copyright 2023. 33 Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responders 26 Double Angel Insurance 31 Element Home Loans 27 Everyone loves Gentle Dentist 12 Florida Keys Electric Co-op 42 Freewheeler Vacations 26 History of Diving Museum 42 Horizon Divers 39 Island Smoke Shop 12 Key Largo Conch House 25 Key Largo Fisheries 37 Key Largo Kleaners 10 Key Largo Princess Center Fold Keys Weekly 51 Let It Ride Charters 23 Mariners Hospital 35 My Town A2Z 21 Nada Khalaf-Jones Photography 45 Shell World 25 Snappers 26 Snooks 2 The Fish House 31 The Keys Salt Scrub 25 Theatre of the Sea 4 Dolphins Plus

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Open 365 days a year! Park hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Marine Menagerie Amongst Mangroves Theater of the Sea:

Where can a family spend a full day interacting with dolphins, sea lions, sharks and rays, enjoy a few hours relaxing on the beach, and go on a bottomless boat ride? Theater of the Sea has been welcoming visitors to the Florida Keys since 1946. Besides being a fun place to take the family, it serves as a sanctuary to many aquatic residents such as four different varieties of endangered sea turtles. In addition, it is the home to several parrots who were turned over by private owners, and “Toby” a dolphin that was attacked by a shark. Although not a rescue animal, visitors will “ooh” and “aah” over an adorable new baby sea lion. Upon approaching the park, visitors will notice the beautiful fountains, giant conch shell, and award winning landscaping. After purchasing their tickets, visitors leave the chaos and havoc of their daily lives and step into a world filled with beautiful

green foliage, clearly paved paths, and an amazing menagerie of animals. It is certainly not part of the concrete jungle with wide open spaces. Like a good glass of wine, Theater of the Sea is not something to be rushed, but to be savored slowly over a period of time in small, enchanting sips. With intimate vignettes visitors meander along its lush paths and watch sea turtles being fed by hand, or stop to experience a thrilling dolphin show similar to those first seen in the 1940’s. As they stroll about, guests will see two distinct eco systems and also have opportunities to watch a sea lion show, parrot show, and observe crocodilians. Visitors will be delighted to know that this is not a zoo and can expect to get up close and personal with many of the animals. Children and adults of all ages will have ample opportu nities to interact with the animals while visiting Theater

of the Sea. Dolphin lovers, for example, will delight in the antics of these loving, social creatures while snorkeling beside them. Included in this experience are dorsal tows, hugs, and kisses. Those a little less daring can do a dolphin wade, which entails interacting with the dolphins while standing in three to four feet of water. Want to join the fun but don’t want to get wet? Even land lovers can interact with the dolphins and get a few kisses too!

After a stroll around the park, visitors can enjoy a quick bite to eat at Nicky’s Grill, and relax on the beach at the lagoon. As a timeless tradition of the Florida Keys, Theater of the Sea is something you will not want to miss. For more information or to make reservations, go to, or call 305-664-2431. Article credit Keys-Life magazine – Linda McKee

Many encounters are also available with sea lions.


Destination Key Largo

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Limestone! What are the Florida Keys Made From?

The Florida Keys are a chain of limestone islands that extend from the southern tip of the Florida mainland southwest to the Dry Tortugas, a distance of approximately 220 miles. They are island remnants of ancient coral reefs (Upper Keys) and sand bars (Lower Keys) that flourished during a period of higher sea levels approxi mately 125,000 years ago (a period of geologic time known as the Pleistocene Epoch). During the last ice age (100,000 years ago) sea level dropped, exposing the ancient coral reefs and sand bars which became fossilized over time to

form the rock that makes up the island chain today. The two dominate rock formations in the Keys are Key Largo Limestone and Miami Oolite. During this time of lower sea levels, the Florida land mass was much larger than it is today and the area now referred to as Florida Bay was forested. As glaciers and polar ice caps started melting 15,000 years ago, flooding of land combined with tidal influence changed the geography of the Keys and their surrounding areas.

Credit: Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary NOAA

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Around Town

Education Coral Shores High School 89901 Old Highway, Tavernier 305-853-3222 Florida Keys Community College 89901 Old Highway, Tavernier 305-852-8007 Island Christian School 83400 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, 305-664-4933 Key Largo School 104801 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, 305-453-1255 Montessori Island School 92295 Old State Road, Tavernier 305-852-3483

Licenses Driver’s Licenses 305-853-3562 Fishing Licenses 305-852-7150 Marriage Licenses 305-852-7145 Monroe County Building, Planning & Zoning 305-453-8800 Clerk’s Office 305-853-7456

Law Enforcement Florida Highway Patrol: 800-358-3298 U.S. Coast Guard: 305-664-4404 U.S. Customs: 305-664-2955 Courts Clerk of the circuit (State) Court 305-853-7456 Clerk – County Courts 305-853-7456

Code Enforcement 305-453-8806 Key Largo Library 305-451-2396 Tax Collector 305-852-7150 Voter Registration 305-453-8740 Utilities Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority 305-853-1996

County Court Judges 305-852-7155

Monroe County Jail 305-853-3266

Florida Keys Electric Cooperative 305-852-2431

Probation and Parole Office 305-853-3262

Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District 305-451-4019

Public Defender’s Office 305-852-3232

Plantation Key School 100 Lake Road, Tavernier 305-853-3281

Key’s Sanitary Service (solid waste) 305-451-2025

State Attorney’s Office 305-852-7170 Parks Harry Harris County park, MM, 92.5 305-852-7161

Treasure Village Montessori 8673 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada 305-852-3482 Emergency Services

South Florida Water Management District (561) 686-8800

Mosquito Control: 305-453-1290

Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge, CR 905 • 305-451-4223

U.S. Post Offices Key Largo 305-451-3155 Tavernier 305-853-1052 Hurricane Information National Hurricane Center NOAA: 305-852-7717

Ambulance, Fire, Police 911

Mariners Hospital 305-434-3000

Jacobs Aquatic Center, MM 99, 305-453-7946

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 305-956-2500

Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock, CR 905 • 305-451-1202

Key Largo Recompression Chamber Emergencies 911

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, 305-451-1202

Monroe County Rumor Control 800-955-5504

Information 1-800-NO-BENDS

Everglades National Park 305-242-7700

Sheriff’s Office (non-emergency) 305-853-3211

Monroe County Emergency Management 305-289-6018

Key Largo Community Park (YMCA) 305-453-3422

Safeway Restoration. 305-741-4335, 13275 S.W. 136th St. #16 Miami.

Federal Emergency Management Administration 800-621-3362

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary 305-852-7717


Destination Key Largo

Soaking Up Sun and Fun in Key Largo

If you are more of a thrill seeker, try soaring about the bay attached to a parasail. Once you are strapped into a harness, the motorboat pulls forward, your chute begins to fill, and then you climb into the air, way above the surface of the bay. While soaring overhead, you will be treated to a view of Key Largo, something you will never forget. If you’re looking for other adventures, hire one of our fishing guides, or just drop in a line from the shore. Rent a personal watercraft, a paddleboat, or a sailing catamaran – they are all readily available around town. For details on equipment purchasing or rentals, sunrise or sunset guided tours, scuba or snorkeling lessons, check the “On the Water” section in this issue. Also, we have direct links to all Key Largo offers so many ways to get out on the water and enjoy an extended summer. Come to Key Largo, and just add water! our chamber members at

Key Largo is known for its laid-back lifestyle with a cozy impression of a summer vacation between the Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay, all through the year. Get ready to plunge yourself into our slice of Paradise. Key Largo is recognized as the Diving Capital of the World and offers dive and snorkel services to the continental United States’ only living coral barrier reef, the Spiegel Grove shipwreck, and much more. We have many experienced dive companies to take you on memorable dive trips to the reef. They can also teach you to dive and help get you certified. There are also many other ways to appreciate and partake in water sports here in Key Largo and the fabulous Florida Keys... Snorkeling is a magnificent way to unite with the aquatic underworld. As you float gently on the surface, you may see snappers, parrotfish, starfish, tarpon, and schools of silversides swim among colorful corals and sponges. You don’t have to be a world-class swimmer to enjoy snorkeling in the Keys. The water surrounding the Florida Keys is shallow and normally calm,

even on the reef, even rookie snorkelers can quickly and safely get the hang of the sport. Our dive and water sports companies know the best places to go for the most dramatic viewing of marine life in the sparkling clear ocean waters surrounding the reef system. If you would like to venture out on your own, rental shops can point out the best spots for snorkeling from shore, and the best views of the most stupendous undersea life at the reef. Paddleboarding is another way to add water to your vacation. Being on a paddleboard is like walking on water. The shallow, calm waters off Key Largo make this an ideal place to take up this easy to learn sport. Our local waters are so clear, you can see right down to the bottom and watch fish swimming by. Just like paddleboarding, Kayaking is another easy, peaceful way to get out on the water. For a simpler, gentler paddle, explore the narrow, winding mangrove trails of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park or those off Garden Cove Park. Watch herons, egrets, and ibis take flight as you round the

“S” curves in another twist in the mangrove trails. Being on the open bay waters and having the opportunity to see manatees and playful dolphins splashing around is a wonderful experience. You can even dock at one of our waterfront restaurants for a bite to eat. Next up is swimming. Swimming in warm waters around Key Largo is a year-round delight. Most of the waterfront hotels have small swimming beaches. Also, John Pennekamp and Harry Harris parks have beaches as well. The best thing to do —And a locals’ favorite form of swimming— is jump into the ocean (or bay) from the deck of an anchored boat. But before you do, make sure you have a swim ladder over the side of the boat for easy access back aboard. And always be mindful of currents that could take you away from the boat. If a pool is your idea of a good place to swim, Jacobs Aquatic Center in Key Largo has a lap pool, low and high dive boards, and a kiddie pool with a pirate ship and waterfalls. Many hotels also have their own swimming pools, fresh and saltwater.

Originally written by Donna Dietrich, revised by the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce

Destination Key Largo


Key: MM=Mile Marker, B/S=Bayside, O/S=Oceanside, M=Median. Area Services Carefree vacationer or Conch-to-be, here’s what you need to know to get around Key Largo. Have you decided to plan your special event in our lush tropical setting? Great! Now all you have to do is leave it to area professionals. We have event and wedding planners to help you book a venue, travel agents and transportation services to get you and your guests there on time, arts and entertainment to make your event lively and memorable, and photographers to capture the magic. Of course, there are services for just about everything in between for those just looking to escape. Key Largo is great for fun in the sun, and just as handy for the basics, too.

Accountants, CPA, & Bookkeeping A Harris Services LLC Tavernier, FL 33070 305 209-2395

Adult Learning & Education Southernmost Leadership Network Islamorada, FL 33036 305-393-0236 Advertising & Publications Effectv 5555 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL 33137 954-995-4067 Florida Keys Free Press 3420 Northside Drive Key West, FL 33040 305-451-7060

Ocean Reef Press 1 Dockside Lane Key Largo, FL 33037 305-367-5806

Time Out Magazine Marathon, FL 33050 305-289-3936

Anita M. Garmon, Inc. Key Largo, FL 33037 305-942-6903

Upper Keys Weekly Newspaper 9709 Overseas Highway Marathon, FL 33050 305-743-0844 Alternative Medicine Harmony Healing Center 97840 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037 305-852-3232 Apartment Leasing Playa Largo Ocean Residences 4651 Sheridan Street, Suite 480 Hollywood, FL 33021 305-600-3380

Keys Accounting & Tax Service 99411 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-3464 Pribramsky and Company Certified Public Accountants 81990 Overseas Highway Islamorada, FL 33036 305-735-4325 Tolley & Hill, PLLC 102411 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-852-9898 Verdeja De Armas & Trujillo & Alvarez, LLP.

Keys Life Magazine 90773 Old Hwy Unit 3 Tavernier, FL 33070 305-453-6674 The Florida Villager Miami, FL 33256 786-505-1817

255 Alhambra Cir. #560 Coral Gables, FL 33134 305 446-3177


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CONTINUED Area Services

KWJA Inc. – Key West Adventures 3424 N. Roosevelt Blvd. Key West, FL 33040 305-293-3555

Largo Honda 554 NE 1st Avenue Florida City, FL 33034 786-545-1200

Arts & Entertainment Art By Lee Key Largo, FL 33037 305-331-0525 Florida Keys Community Concert Band Long Key, FL 33001 305-451-4530

Seminole Theatre 18 North Krome Avenue Homestead, FL 33030 786-650-2073 Key Largo Art Gallery 103200 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-0052

Petersons Harley-Davidson South 19825 South Dixie Highway Cutler Bay, FL 33157 786-373-1393 Sunshine Gasoline Distributors 724 South Flagler Ave Homestead, FL 33030 305-247-7249 Wheaton’s Service Center 101500 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-3500 Banks & Credit Unions

Automotive Sales, Service and Leisure Rentals All American Towing and Tire Inc. 100850 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-0714 Keys Westys Campervan Rentals 88785 Old Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 786-326-6763

Florida Keys Concert Association Inc. Marathon Shores, FL 33052 800-324-6982

Florida Keys Council of the Arts 1100 Simonton St, #2-263 Key West, FL 33040 305-295-4369

Key Players, Inc. Tavernier, FL 33070 305-942-4339

Centennial Bank 100280 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-676-3122

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First Horizon Bank 91980 Overseas Hwy Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-9500 First State Bank of the Florida Keys 97670 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-852-2070

Riva Motorsports & Marine 102550 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-3320 Yacht Works 98150 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-912-3162 Business Coaching The Stradgy Group LLC, Key Largo, FL 33037 Cell Phone Repair Keys Smartphone Repair 91831 Overseas Hwy, Suite E, Tavernier, FL 33037 305-896-1675 Civic Organizations American Legion Post 145 Islamorada, FL 33036 786-942-0689 American Legion Post 333 2 Seagate St Key Largo, FL 33036 305-451-0307

Art Guild Of The Purple Isles Key Largo, FL 33037


Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Tavernier, FL 33070 305-619-0237 Florida Keys Elks Lodge No 1872 Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-1872 Friends of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park & Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical Park Inc. Key Largo, FL 33037 305-215-2504 Garden Club of the Upper Keys, Inc. Tavernier, FL 33070

Keys Federal Credit Union 91200 Overseas Highway, Suite 15 Tavernier, FL 33070 305-809-1208

SouthState Bank 91390 Overseas Hwy Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-0516

Boat and Yacht Sales & Repairs Action Marine & Dive, Inc. 102125 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-1840 dive-inc-boats

Habitat for Humanity of UK Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-0050

Key Largo Chamber of Commerce 106000 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037 (305) 451-4747

Barbara Eads Realty, Inc

Barbara Eads Realty, Inc is a locally owned and operated business in Tavernier. Whatever your real estate needs are, buying or selling, we can help you!

Barbara Eads Licensed Real Estate Broker Office: (305) 853-5982 Cell: (305) 586-7326

91770 Overseas Highway, Tavernier, FL •


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Computer Services & Repair KCS Technical Solutions 5409 Overseas Highway, #263 Marathon, FL 33050 305-396-6320 Construction & Remodeling Bayview Homes 89240 Overseas Highway, Suite 6 Tavernier, FL 33070 305-453-4521

CONTINUED Area Services

Upper Keys Business & Professional Women Tavernier, FL 33070 305-767-3928 Upper Keys League of Women Voters 567 Lagoon Lane Key Largo, FL 33037 305-393-0722 Upper Keys Post 10211 Veterans of Foreign Wars Key Largo, FL 33037 305-731-3393 UpperKeysVFWpost10211 Upper Keys Rotary Inc. Tavernier, FL 33070 Upper Keys Sailing Club Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-9972

Key Largo Civic Club Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-9833 Mark Sorensen Youth Sailing Program 100 Ocean Bay Dr. Key Largo, FL 33037 305-747-2600

Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce 31 Ocean Reef Dr., Suite C101 PMB 179 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-367-3646

Berry’s Paint Wallpaper & Flooring Inc. 102870 Overseas Highway

Key Largo, Fl 305-451-0077

Ocean Reef Community Association 24 Dockside Lane Key Largo, FL 33037 305-367-3067 Rotary Club of Key Largo Key Largo, FL 33037 Rotary Club of Key Largo Sunset, Inc. Key Largo, FL 33037 305-776-0643

CBT Construction & Development Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-3002 Cottrell Welding & Fabricating Inc. 101801 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-522-6932

Upper Keys Sons & Daughters of Italy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-0781 Wesley House Family Services, Inc. 1304 Truman Avenue Key West, FL 33040 305-809-5000 Ex 386

Florida Keys Contractors Assoc. Marathon Shores, FL 33052


J.A. LaRocco Enterprise Inc. & All Keys Concrete, LLC 101075 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-0368

The Salvation Army Key Largo 99510 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-2882 United Way of Collier and the Keys 9015 Strada Court, Suite 204 Naples, FL 34109 239-261-7112

YMCA 500 Saint Croix Pl Key Largo, FL 33037

Key Deck and Dock Supply 100151 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-8001


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Keys Cabinets Inc 99353 Overseas Highway, Suite 5

Robert Barnes & Associates Architects 221 N Krome Ave Homestead, FL 33030 305-247-6150

ST Sparks Construction Inc 87847 Overseas Highway Islamorada, FL 33036 305-522-4167 The Structure Group, LLC 815 N Homestead Blvd, Homestead, FL 33030 786-601-9313 97674 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-853-2644 Electrical Dunn Electrical Service, Inc. Tavernier, FL 33070 305-360-7576 Upper Keys Marine Construction

Key Largo, FL 786-256-7025 Keys Life Builders 34 S. Bounty Lane Key Largo, FL 33037 305-894-3442 NC Tile & Marble 100680 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-5638 Reef Pool Builders 100 North Krome Ave Florida City, FL 33034 305-901-1505

SBI Windows & Doors 100990 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 786-287-6664

Southeast Marine Construction 131 Ellis Drive, Unit 1 Tavernier, FL 33070 305-853-5300 SPF Contracting Group LLC 4900 SW 63 Ave Miami, FL 33155 305-778-8417

OPEN: Th–Sat, 10am–10pm & Sun–Wed 10am–6pm


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CONTINUED Area Services

Community Foundation of the Florida Keys 300 Southard Street, Suite 201 Key West, FL 33040


Coral Restoration Foundation 89111 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-453-7030 Key Largo Community Preservation Foundation Key Largo, FL 33037

Event Planning HNO Productions Inc. 101425 Overseas Highway #166 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-383-8245 Key Destination Weddings & Events 97665 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-916-5571 Fitness Froggy’s Fitness 91812 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-8623

Protech e2, Inc. 103375 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-0010 Wire Nuts Electric 98310 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-0939


Marine Resources Development Foundation Key Largo, FL 33037

Emergency Services & Law Enforcement Key Largo Volunteer Ambulance 98600 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-2766 Sheriff’s Office – Plantation Key 50 High Point Road Plantation Key, FL 33070 305-853-3211 Employment Services Express Employment Professionals 10491 N. Kendall Drive, F202 Miami, FL 33176 786-323-6813 Engineering W.F. McCain & Associates Inc. Vero Beach, FL 32961 305-735-8282


Monroe County Education Foundation Key West, FL 33045 305-293-1546 National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Keys Core Fitness Key Largo, FL 33037 305-394-1227 Florists Sara’s Flowers Key Largo, FL 33037 786-553-1195 Foundations Coastal Conservation Association Keys Chapter 4061 Forrestal Avenue, Suite 8 Orlando, FL 32856 305-522-4868

33 East Quay Road Key West, FL 33040 305-809-4751

The Ocean Reef Community Foundation 35 Ocean Reef Drive, Suite 148 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-367-5963 Reef Environmental Education Foundation 98300 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037


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Government Agencies Florida SBDC at FIU 1101 Brickell Avenue Penthouse, South Tower Miami, FL 33131 305-779-9230 index.cfm

Tints “N” More 104535 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-233-3600 HVAC Cusano Air Conditioning & Heating Inc Key Largo, FL 33037 305 453-6774

DTRT Insurance group 102920 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 786-472-2786 Otto Insurance Group 9141 Overseas Hwy Marathon, FL 33050 305 849-2131

Key Largo Public Library 101485 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-2396 Monroe County DAC 5 Commissioner 102050 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-8787 Monroe County Tax Collector Office 1200 Truman Ave, Suite #101 Key West, FL 33040 305-302-6920 Representative Jim Mooney House District 120 Murray Nelson Government Center

Regan Roth Insurance Agency 90144 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-3234

Houston Air Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-2960 Irwin’s Air, Inc Key Largo, FL 33037 305 423-0400 Insurance Aetna, Inc. Key Largo, FL 33037 954-649-5337

Simply IOA 98840 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-537-2779

The Porter Allen Company, Inc. 513 Southard Street Key West, FL 33040 305-294-2542 Janitorial Services & Supplies Key Largo Kleaners 101551 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 617-633-8520 Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance

Borland & Associates 103400 Overseas Highway #288 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-0090

102050 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037-2763 305-453-1202

Household, Cleaning & Laundry Services Largo SaveCoin Laundry Inc

Brown & Brown/T.R. Jones & Co. 1780 North Krome Avenue Homestead, FL 33030 305-247-5121

99605 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33036 305-451-4575 Maid in the Keys Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-0963

Double Angel Insurance Trustee Member Islamorada, FL 33036 786-449-9415

Beach House Gardens 104475 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-9377 Blue Seas Lawn Care Key Largo, FL 33037 786-907-5531


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CONTINUED Area Services

Detailing the Keys, LLC Key Largo, FL 33037 786-273-5248

Eric’s Outboard Key Largo LLC 98750 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 786-652-0955 Haven Marina Management 100410 Overseas Hwy #201 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-664-8886 M&M Boat Services, LLC 101425 Overseas Hwy #51 Key Largo, FL 33037 786-610-5100 Markey Marine Service, Inc. 98250 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-852-3337 Neptune Atlantic Boat Lifts 94401 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-853-9400

Gautier Tree & Landscape Tavernier, FL 33070 305-735-4668 Juan Velizaroff Lawn Service Key Largo, FL 33037 305-901-1409 La Isla Tree Care Company 81001 Overseas Hwy Islamorada, FL 33036 305-853-6849 Reef Landscaping 100 N Krome Ave Florida City, FL 33034 305-901-1409 Legal Services Albert L. Kelley, P.A. 926 Truman Ave Key West, FL 33040 305-296-0160 Florida Keys Law Group 101425 Overseas Highway, #63 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-783-5937 Hershoff, Lupino & Yagel 88539 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-8440

K&L Gates LLP Southeast Financial Center, Suite 3900 200 South Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL 33131 305-539-3300 America Law Office of Andrew M. Tobin, P.A. Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-3388

Montle Law 11701 127th Street, Suite 3074 New York, NY 10018 929-571-8470

Russo Law and Mediation, P.A. 88101 Overseas Hwy Islamorada, FL 33036 561-310-1537

Schirmer Law 888 SE 3rd Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 754-201-4155

Sea Tow Key Largo Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-3330

The Arcia Law Firm 3350 SW 148th Ave #110 Miramar, FL 33027 954-437-9066 Marinas & Marine Services A. R. Marine Electronics 105960 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-240-7081

Tow Boat U.S. Key Largo/Tavernier Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-3922

Destination Key Largo


CONTINUED Area Services

Everyone Loves a Gentle Dentist 102965 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-2616

Management Companies Harbor Management Services 9800 Dockside Dr Key Largo, FL 33037 305-246-5867 Marketing & Public Relations Market Design Connect with Nikki Dunn Cullen Key Largo, FL 33037 305-587-9256 Nada Khalaf-Jones Photography Film Drone LLC Key Largo, FL 33037 305-853-6878 Newman PR 2140 South Dixie Highway, #203 Miami, FL 33133 305-461-3300 My Town A 2 Z 101425 Overseas Hwy Suite 165 Key Largo, FL 33037 888-341-4211

Medical & Dental Services Advanced Urgent Care of The Upper Keys 100460 Overseas Highway, Unit 1 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-294-0011 AIDS Help of Monroe County 1434 Kennedy Drive Key West, FL 33040 305-296-6196 Boilini Eye Care 99696 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-1481 Chapters Health Hospice 11400 Overseas Hwy, Suite 203 Marathon, FL 33050 305 396-8100 Community Health of South Florida, Inc. (CHI) 91200 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-546-3716

Florida Keys Dentists 91750 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-3219 Florida Keys Orthopedic Center 100210 Overseas Highway, Ste 3 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-3633 Florida Keys Pediatric & Adolescent Center 91550 Overseas Highway, #209 Tavernier, FL 33070 305-853-0558 Good Health Clinic 91555 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-853-1788 Keys Mobile Medical Services, LLC 102900 Overseas Hwy Suite 2 Key Largo, FL 33037 305 907-7550

Kinder in the Keys Treatment Center 6 Ocean View Blvd. Key Largo, FL 33037 800-545-4046

Crystal Health and Rehabilitation Center 48 High Point Road Tavernier, FL 33070 305-853-0799 Doc on the Rock 102901 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305- 600-5469

Largo Smiles Dental Center

YuzzBuzz 1711 Washington Street Key West, FL 33040 305-393-0606

103071 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-8005


Destination Key Largo

Mortuary Services Allen-Beyer Funeral Home 101640 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-1444 Notary Your Conchcierge to the Keys & the Seas/Notary Niche Key Largo, FL 33037 305-394-3467 Painters PGA Painting & Power Washing Key Largo, FL 33037 305-849-8032 Pest Control Charter Pest Control 101425 Overseas Hwy Suite 165 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-3389 Mitchell Pest Services - Florida Key Largo, FL 33037 844-234-7378 Truly Nolen Pest Control 100105 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-9900 Pet Services Keys Kritters 100636 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-2627

Mobile Pet Doctors 600 English Avenue, Suite A Homestead, FL 33030 305-587-7493 Pet Shelters/Rescues Humane Animal Care Coalition 105951 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-0088 MarrVelous Pet Rescues Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-1315 Pawsitive Beginnings Inc. Key Largo, FL 33037 305-376-1887 Places of Worship Beach Church Key Largo 104700 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-1642

Mariners Hospital 91500 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-434-3000 Overseas Dental 103400 Overseas Highway, Suite 234 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-9105 Paul E. Berger, DDS 103400 Overseas Highway #229 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-1811 Providence Homecare 10250 SW 56 ST. STE D-101 Miami, FL 33165 305-220-1088 Susana May, M.D., Keys To Wellness 103400 Overseas Highway, Suite 241 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-852-8670 The Keys to Nutrition 101425 Overseas Highway #45 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-330-1933 Merchant Services One Payment 5300 NW 77th Ct Doral, FL 33166 786-255-5699

Coral Isles Church 90001 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-5813

First Baptist Church of Key Largo 99001 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-2265

Florida Keys Church of the Nazarene

Profit Is Simple Tavernier, FL 33070 305-735-3881

100390 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-809-6173

Secure Pay 8950 SW 74th Court Suite 2201 Miami, FL 33156 305-307-8530

Destination Key Largo


CONTINUED Area Services

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services 85992 Overseas Hwy Islamorada, FL 33036 305-664-4444

Keys Jewish Community Center 93095 Overseas Hwy Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-5235 Lighthouse on the Rock 99339 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-6212 the-Rock St. James the Fisherman Episcopal Church 87500 Overseas Hwy Islamorada, FL 33036 305-852-8468 St. Justin Martyr Catholic Church 105500 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-1316 Plumbing Bayside Plumbing & Maintenance 10504 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-5435 www.baysideplumbingandmaintenancefl. Nationwide Plumbing 97671 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-853-1848 Printing & Office Business Solutions CMYK Printing Solutions Homestead, FL 33035 305-562-1142

Keys Imaging 92300 Overseas Hwy Tavernier, FL 33070 305-853-1712

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Destinations 99353 Overseas Highway, Suite 9 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-1020 Century 21 Affiliated 101925 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-1500 Clear Sky Lending 99353 Overseas Hwy. Suite 12 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-780-7914 Coastal Title & Closing Services, Inc. Coldwell Banker Schmitt Real Estate 100430 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-7525 Coral Reef Title Co. 100750 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-6200 Element Home Loans 91760 Overseas Hwy Suite 201 Tavernier, FL 33070 305-249-1449 88101 Overseas Hwy Islamorada, FL 33036 305-852-1477

Printing Plus 99353 Overseas Highway, #6 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-4414

Vital Signs 103400 Overseas Highway, Suite 103 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-5133 Radio Stations Keystalk 96.9/102.5 FM - Party 105.7 FM - Magnum Broadcasting Little Torch Key, FL 33042 305 296-9968 Real Estate & Related Services American Caribbean Real Estate– Christie’s International Real Estate 99900 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-4078 Apex One Home Inspection Miami, FL 33184 305-390-0440 Barbara Eads Realty, Inc. 91770 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-853-5982


Destination Key Largo

Schools Carpe Diem Academy Corporation 11025 SW 84th St. #8 Miami, FL 33173 305-971-1230 Coral Shores High School 89901 Old Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-853-3222 Early Learning Coalition of Miami Dade/Monroe 1111 12th Street Suite 206 Key West, FL 33040 305-296-5557 FIU Aquarius Program 85932 Overseas Highway Islamorada, FL 33036 305-335-0113 Key Largo School 104801 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-1255 Ocean Studies Charter School 100360 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-852-7700 The College of the Florida Keys 106040 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037

Engel & Völkers Islamorada 90773 Old Highway, Suite 5 Tavernier, FL 33070 305-393-4061 Florida Keys Board of Realtors 97670 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-852-9294 Henry Quintana Realty, Inc Key Largo, FL 33037 305-243-6043 REMAX All Keys Real Estate 98880 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-0060 Rojewski & Rebl Group 101925 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-942-7755 Sally Stribling, Realtor 100430 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-283-2002 Tavernier Business Center 91760 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 The Andrew Burr Group - Coldwell Banker Realty 12300 Southshore Blvd Wellington, FL 33414 561-324-8914 RESF Island Properties 93997 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-525-2580

The Title Station, Inc 91760 Overseas Hwy #204 Tavernier, FL 33070 321-266-7607 Tropical Properties - Yvette Doherty Realtor Key Largo, FL 33037 786-236-8158

Vanessa J Chamizo, Realtor – LoKation Real Estate Tavernier, FL 33070 786-302-8007 Salons & Spa Treatments Cirque Salon Studios 101401 Overseas Highway

(Tradewinds Plaza) Key Largo, FL 33037 305-800-2477

Linda Lee’s Hair Port Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-0099

Ooh La La 97000 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-852-3143

Trinity Aesthetics & Spa 101401 Overseas Hwy Suite 103 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-901-9395 icsandspa


Treasure Village Montessori 86731 Overseas Highway Islamorada, FL 33036 305-852-3482

Destination Key Largo


CONTINUED Area Services

Travel, Transportation & Tours Fantastic Endeavors Inc. Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-9208 Key West International Airport 3491 South Roosevelt Boulevard Key West, FL 33040

Security Services/ Gun Range Island Arms & Indoor Range

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach 3550 23rd Avenue South #7 Lake Worth, FL 33461 561-369-2933

105910 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-0043


Just Older Youth, Inc. Tavernier, FL 33070 305-850-8449

Up The Keys Tours Key Largo, FL 33037 305-587-5575

Social Services 16th Judicial Guardian ad Litem Program 50 High Point Road, Suite 102 Tavernier, FL 33070 305-304-0231 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami

Maria’s Hope & Prosperity Islamorada, FL 33036 305-509-1106 Monroe Association for ReMARCable Citizens Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-3282 Storage, Moving Companies & Parking Castle Services, Inc. 957 NW 3rd Avenue, Bay #1 Florida City, FL 33034 305-242-0536

Voyage Blue Travel 458 Lime Drive Key Largo, FL 33037 305-998-8348 Utilities Florida Keys Electric Cooperative (FKEC)

550 NW 42nd Ave Miami, FL 33126

91630 Overseas Hwy Tavernier, FL 33070

Center for Independent Living of the Keys 103400 Overseas Highway Suite 243 Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-3491 Domestic Abuse Shelter 305-743-5452 Florida Keys Children’s Shelter 73 High Point Road Tavernier, FL 33070


Florida Keys Mosquito Control 18 Aquamarine Drive Key West, FL 33040 305-292-7190 Florida Solar Partners Miami, FL 33156 877-326-1110

Compass Self Storage 900 N Krome Avenue Florida City, FL 33034 305-248-0101

The Davis Group Outdoor Storage 98700 Overseas Highway Key Largo, FL 33037 305-853-7077


Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-4019

Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, Inc.



Destination Key Largo

Here are tips on how you can help protect our valuable coral reefs: • Support organizations like Coral Restoration Foundation and REEF; they both work to protect coral reefs. In your area find other groups and volunteer to keep the oceans, rivers, lakes or other waters in your area clean. Clean water is important everywhere. All watersheds affect the oceans and eventually, the coral reefs. • Safeguard our coral during diving and snorkeling by wearing sunscreen that does not contain oxybenzone and octinoxate. These chemicals may harm the reefs. • Also, don’t touch, stand, or anchor your boat on the reef. • Organize a beach clean-up. • Conserve water – using less water, means less runoff and wastewater that resolve in polluting our oceans. • Use only environmental safe or organic fertilizers. All chemicals and pollutants eventually flow into our oceans. • Learn more about the vital importance of coral reefs. • Get your family, friends and community involved… How to Protect Our Coral Reefs

Keys Sanitary Service Tavernier, FL 33070 305-451-2025

Web Design Two Oceans Digital Key West, FL 33040 305-393-4079 Wholesale/Distributor First in Photo Hollywood, FL 33021 305-766-9120

Fox LED Lighting Princeton, FL 33032 888-999-6660

Zuma & Sons Distributor Corp. 10800 N.W. 100th Street, Suite 1 Miami, FL 33178 305-887-0089 Chamber Supporters

Cathy Brewer Andy Griffiths David Kay Wayne T Leahy Robert Lockwood Darling Nelson Beverly Newman Wil Peña Linda Popp Robert Stuart Alexandria Suarez Bob Thomas Jackie Velazquez Dennis Ward

Casey Watkins Sue Woltanski

Destination Key Largo


Things to Do Key: MM=Mile Marker, B/S=Bayside, O/S=Oceanside, M=Median. The road to Key Largo tempts with unique diversions. Tour the Majestic River of Grass on a guided boat tour into Everglades National Park, skip across the waves on a WaveRunner® or fly high above the water on a romantic tandem parasail flight. Discover that man has more than one best friend as you play with dolphins. Watch a brilliant orange sun dip into the water on a sunset cruise. Parks offer a host of activities in Key Largo, including the Jacobs Aquatic Center in the Key Largo Community Park.

Key Largo African Queen 257 Atlantic Boulevard Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-8080 Coral Reef Park Company John PenneKamp State Park Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-6300

Island Dolphin Care 150 Lorelane Place Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-5884 Jacobs Aquatic Center 320 Laguna Avenue Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-7946 Kingdom Escape Games 102670 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-741-7640

History of Diving Museum 82990 Overseas Highway Islamorada, FL 33036 305-664-9737 Islamorada Brewery & Distillery 82229 Overseas Highway Islamorada, FL 33036 305-508-9093 Robbie’s of Islamorada 77522 Overseas Hwy Islamorada, FL 33036 305-664-8070 Theater of the Sea 84721 Overseas Highway Islamorada, FL 33036 305-664-2431 Grassy Key Dolphin Research Center 58901 Overseas Highway Grassy Key, FL 33050 305-289-1121

Dolphins Plus 101900 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 305-451-4060

Mote Marine Lab 103800 Overseas Hwy Key Largo, FL 33037 941-504-6057 Islamorada Florida Keys Brewing Company 200 Morada Way Islamorada, FL 33036 305-916-5206

Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder 31 Corrine Place Key Largo, FL 33037 305-453-4321 Florida Keys Swim with Dolphins Tour Key Largo, FL 33037 305-501-4898 Florida Keys Wild Bird Center 92080 Overseas Highway Tavernier, FL 33070 305-852-4486

Florida Keys History & Discovery Center 82100 Overseas Highway Islamorada, FL 33036 305-922-2237


Destination Key Largo

Marathon Aquarium Encounters 11710 Overseas Highway Marathon, FL 33050 305-407-3262 www.floridakeysaquariumen Big Pine Key Florida Keys Wildlife Society Big Pine Key, FL 33043 305-872-0774 www.floridakeyswild

Homestead Coral Castle 28655 South Dixie Highway Homestead, FL 33033 305-248-6345 Everglades Alligator Farm 40351 SW 192nd Avenue Homestead, FL 33034 305-247-2628 Everglades Outpost Wildlife Sanctuary 5601 SW 192 Ave Homestead, FL 33034 305-247-8000

Destination Key Largo


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