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September 2018 Vol. 19 No. 9

Chairman’s Report: The Fourth Quarter

The last days of summer are upon us and so is the start of the final quarter of my governance as your chairman. That makes this a good time for me to ponder some lessons learned, pause and call for a last all-out push from you, our members, our executive and my board of directors. Sports commentators will tell you that in boxing the last three rounds belong to the champion. The final innings of a baseball game go to the team that will win. Same in football. Almost all sports share this common denominator, and so it should also be so for us in our final push. That last effort where you leave everything in the ring or the field. The final commitment to prevail and to excel, that separates the game contender and the champions. At the start of my tenure, we set an overly ambitious membership goal and I knew well the risks of doing so —probable heartache and disappointment— but better to fail mightily than to live in the comfortable shadows of mediocrity. As it is we have yet to attain this goal, but we have grown substantially and we owe it all to you, our members, our executive staff, and our board. Financially we are on solid footing and are well on our way to hit our targeted

budgeted thresholds and growth markers. We have established committees with excellent leaders at the helm, and their work is beginning to bear fruit in many ways, most with practical beneficial results already a matter of record. Regarding my training program for our board, Governance4Good, we are closer today to the start of this training than we have ever been. We have created strong partnerships with other like-minded community organizations and entities, businesses and governmental agencies at all levels, state, local and federal. Based on the work of past chairs and our humble contribution, we are poised to achieve most of our goals in the very near future. Maybe not within my tenure, but certainly within the grasp of my immediate successors. We are in a good place indeed, but I want more, and our community and our members deserve more. I need all of you to bring more members to the chamber. In these last days of summer, let’s go into the fall and winter season with a mighty roar. I invite you all to finish the year like the champions you are.

Photo by Luis Melendi, Melendi Photography.

Roberto Alonso Chairman of the Board Key Largo Chamber of Commerce

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