2021 January Legend

JANUARY 2021 Vol. 22 No. 264

Lessons of 2020

coming months, businesses will make decisions concerning policies, processes, and practices. We will move away from responding and begin to refocus and reinvent our workplaces. Some of the thoughts will be what 2020 pandemic policies will stay and go? What will need to be polished? What past ways will we return? The answers will not come all at once. The workplace future will be the aptitude to incorporate uncertainty. One of the lessons we at the chamber in 2020 realized is to focus on your staff 's safety, wellbeing, scheduling, and work challenges. We all have been operating under tremendous stress and uncertainty for almost a year. For some, this has increased the risk of making poor decisions. Burnout will lead to high staff turnover, despite the struggling economy. As employers, we should not wait for regulations to do what is right for our teams. We need to surpass the standards created by the government. We need to free ourselves from chasing an always-moving target; instead, focus on creating an operation driven by a connected labor force. This strategy will

give us all an advantage in recruiting top talent. 2020 was a year that toyed with our physical and emotional safety; mental wellness, burnout, depression, and isolation weighed heavily on us all. Everyone has done more than ever before to protect workers, their families, and the broader community. To excel in 2021, we need to lead by compassionate and inclusive management that emphasizes empathy, wellness, and belonging. If there is only one lesson from 2020 that we apply this year, let it be remaining focused on employees' lives, not just their work. However, there are many more lessons. The one most challenging for the chamber was finding financial sustainability in a recovering economy. One example from the Great Recession of 2008, organizations with a strong CFO and CEO survived. In 2020, the vigorous Business Owner, CEO, and CFO who developed policies/procedures that protect their staff, clients, and their bottom line while moving the business forward, in our opinion, will gain a competitive edge for 2021. Now onto 2021!

Elizabeth Moscynski President of the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce

Infamous 2020 will go down in history as the year of mayhem, but following turmoil always comes opportunity! Lessons from the past relate to changes in the present and move us forward into the future. We are now doing things once thought impossible, showing great spirit and creativity, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel to a year we otherwise wish to forget. As we look ahead, workplaces everywhere will have an opportunity to take the lessons learned from 2020 to reimagine a better world of future work. Last year opened our eyes to many things we thought impossible. Over the

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