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December 2018 Vol. 19 No. 12

Chairman’s Report: Promises Kept

professional fulfillment and therefore happiness through financial growth and networking — And we mostly achieved our purpose during my tenure. Excellence delivers happiness and fulfillment, and we did deliver that to our members every day in many ways. We kept true to our mission to make the Key Largo Chamber the first option for effective advertising and networking for businesses in our community. Through the successful deployment of this mission, we strongly believe that each and every one of our professionals and entrepreneurs should be Chamber members. Our goal is to have a membership plaque in every office. Our basic strategy was, and continues to be, to deliver this excellence to our members and to always enrich the membership experience. We strive to do this by empowering relationships between individuals and organizations, thus bring together all segments of our unincorporated, fragile and beautiful community. Our vision for the Chamber strategic planning was defined as serving “Commerce, Community, and Conservation.” The marketing tagline being, “Key Largo, Your First Key In Paradise” The Chamber core values that supported 2. Be the voice to those without one. 3. Empower growth in our membership through access and networking. 4. Foster relationships. this strategy were: 1. First to serve.

5. Increase community involvement through local events. 6. Embrace diversity. 7. Support educational projects that increase awareness of our history and how special the needs of our environment are. 8. Support conservation initiatives. 9. Be proactive and offer leadership in our community. 10. Listen to the needs of our members. My governance began while our community was getting back on our feet after the horrific experience of Hurricane Irma. For my gala event, an event historically earmarked to benefit the finances of the Chamber of Commerce, I decided to make our suffering community its beneficiary. This request was whole-heartedly supported by my gala and BMAC Committee Chairman Marlen Weeks, Membership Chairman Lisa Feliciano, our Chairman-Elect Mark Charles, Chamber President Elizabeth Moscynski and Past Board Member Luis Melendi. I will always owe all of them a tremendous debt of gratitude for their energies to raise so much money. We returned well over $30,000 dollars to our business community. Helping many of our members to replace signs, get needed advertisement and much more for their businesses. In some cases, members avoided closing their doors with the relief given. Those funds would have otherwise supported the Chamber’s operating budget, and life would have been much easier Continued on page 3...

Photo by Luis Melendi, Melendi Photography.

In my last article as your Key Largo Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board it is worth reviewing some important points and lessons learned to hopefully provide an appropriate segue to our next administration. We kept our promises to you, our members. At the start of my leadership, I defined the purpose of my governance to be “excellence.” That purpose, that reason we exist as a Chamber of Commerce and board, and the answer to the why and what are we doing here at the Chamber, permeated and guided all our actions, strategies and tactics during my tenure. In this context, excellence is understood to mean the fulfillment and well being of our membership regarding their business and their communal quality of life. In other words, achieving commercial and Roberto Alonso Chairman of the Board Key Largo Chamber of Commerce


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